A. Ariosa-Benston

I love art--the ability to express oneself without necessarily using words is something worth being explored. I am constantly growing and learning about what it is to be an artist. My only hope is to connect with other people and express myself in the manner I most enjoy--visual art.

I take inspiration from not only personal experiences, but also fashion, music, and pop culture. I love watching the way that these inspirations often mutate into oddities on canvas. I work in different medias; painting only being one. I also enjoy making jewelry, accessories, altering vintage fashion, and hopefully one day making my own clothes. I constantly look forward to the next inspiration. It has become my challenge in life. Art has brought purpose to my life and balance in my soul.

All constructive criticism is welcome. There is always room to grow.

About Me

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I currently live in Brooklyn, NY. Educated at Emory University and currently at Pratt Institute.


New York <3

I’m just waiting to see your face
The voice inside speaks loudly

I’m here waiting for your special
Way of getting me around
Getting me out of my funk.
Making my way out of this trunk

It’s the strangest feeling true
The way it almost grew
Inside your roots
You’d hear it too
If only it weren’t so loud
And clouds above rolled round
You’d see the light
The only flight we’d take
Would be to paradise

To paradise.

So I say it once again
The loudest stance I stand
A moment in the moments end
Its funny feelings in my hands
It’s the chest bumps I can’t stand
My hairs on its ends
The lump that never lends to my
That’s love for you
Thats weirdly true
Feeling that we once flew
To paradise.
To paradise.

New York I love you. 

About A Boy

Ripping into my brain,
Carefully calculating
My ultimate demise,
So incredible,
Laughter is a sigh,
Keeping my interest
with plenty to spare,
Deep with history,
Countless dispare,
I always hear them
but never berate,
I just want to feel,
This amazing feeling,
To touch
would be unimaginable,
Not sure I could handle
the ultimate lust,
Dangerous and careful,
I may finally bust,
Oh how I long for another,
When I can see him
his smiling teeth,
They are so wicked,
So taunting,
So free,
I am afraid
He may just eat me.
I would not complain,
Scream or pray,
I would not dare
to seek dispare,
Only I long to feel
Can I feel for this,
Can I feel for his,
I know so little,
I know too much,
Will he be worthy to trust.
I say to him
all my thoughts,
He is my invaluable,
He is a must.

Your Such A G

I want the world to know the piece of shit you are
The feelings that I felt
Are far far far.

I want to feel the way I felt for you that day.
Never going to be the same same same.

Finally we're done,
I’m ready to feel something other than funk.

Its time I’ve moved on.
The world is full
And I am empty.
Its a wonder you ever kept me.

Its amazing the day that we met.
I remember it like yesterday,
The smile on your face
made me think your gay.

Trouble is sometimes I wonder,
If your swing forward or under.
Perhaps I’m wrong
Just another blunder.
Your on bottom
Just like every other..

Oh boy, its shame see
Some so pretty
Breathe so uneasy

Oh boy, your so cute…
Wheezing like a broken flute..

Oh boy, the days we spoke,
Can’t you see it’s all just a joke.

Its so amazing..
The way that we feel when we are crazy

Oh Oh it’s a shame too
Know that your lieing to you.

HA HA..its so funny.
I never knew it was about the money.

So lets call truce.
I was wrong
Your untrue.

Oh yes, I still care.
No doubt about it.
I’m deaf dumb and running scared. 

I'm Crazy

I’m crazy.
I think too hard.
I run too far.
I see the world like avatar.

I know its funny,
It’s all a joke,
Waiting until the day I choke.

I find it weird,
I find it silly,
When you say that I’m amazing.

Why is it that I bring drama near me.
Maybe my life is just to boring.

I’m crazy.
I know its true.
I hardly ever listen to you.

Its amazing…
Being crazy.
The world is right,
And God is friendly.

But who am ..?
And who are you..?
When we think we know the truth.

Its funny.
Down right scary.
The way it all fits in the palm of my hand.

Its sooo true,
Your are a fool
For listening to me rue
…those days
So distant and far away.

You know what is really true,
Conflict makes me better,
Maybe even you.

Try it on for size,
This crazy state of mind.
The idea that what goes on
Is only the beginning of all distraught.

I can be,
That is no lie.
I just know no other ways of sustaining this life.