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I love art--the ability to express oneself without necessarily using words is something worth being explored. I am constantly growing and learning about what it is to be an artist. My only hope is to connect with other people and express myself in the manner I most enjoy--visual art.

I take inspiration from not only personal experiences, but also fashion, music, and pop culture. I love watching the way that these inspirations often mutate into oddities on canvas. I work in different medias; painting only being one. I also enjoy making jewelry, accessories, altering vintage fashion, and hopefully one day making my own clothes. I constantly look forward to the next inspiration. It has become my challenge in life. Art has brought purpose to my life and balance in my soul.

All constructive criticism is welcome. There is always room to grow.

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I currently live in Brooklyn, NY. Educated at Emory University and currently at Pratt Institute.

Thursday, December 23, 2010


I've been working on a lot of different stuff lately. I'm interested in working with both fashion and art. Honestly the fashion I create tends to be things I want, but can't find or can't afford. So I make it. 

One of the pieces I've been working on and would like to create different versions of is the peter pan collar necklace. The one I'm posting on here is brown/black leather, reversable suede, with freshwater pearl accents. 

More to come!

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